Reduce, upcycle and repurpose: Celebrate Circular Economy Month and Waste Reduction Week

Did you know that almost 50 per cent of garbage sent to landfill can be reused, repurposed or upcycled? October is Circular Economy Month. In a circular economy model, nothing is wasted. Products and materials are reused, repaired, refurbished, repurposed or recycled. This can include items like clothing with rips, electronics that can be repaired or glass jars that can be recycled or reused for storing items or are great as flower vases.

Residential waste is diverted from landfills through recycling, green bin, yard waste and other diversion initiatives. However, we all need to work together to reduce, upcycle and repurpose items to further help divert waste from landfill, help conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions in Mississauga.

In addition to Circular Economy Month, the City is also celebrating Waste Reduction Week. From October 10 to 22, join us at various events to practise waste reduction by donating clothing or by learning to sew at a Makerspace.

Event details:


Donate to the recycling collection drive

The City is again participating in the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Partners in Project Green’s collection drive for clothing, textiles and electronics. From October 10 to 22, you can drop off unwanted clothing, textiles and electronics in bins located at various City facilities.

You can donate things like hats, bags, belts, ties, footwear, bedding, pillows, linens, curtains and sleeping bags. Electronics will be collected in a separate bin and accepted items include laptops, computers, printers, keyboards, mice, and handheld devices. All clothing items will be donated to Diabetes Canada and all electronics will be recycled by Electronic Recycling Association.

Drop-off locations include:

Learn to sew at a Makerspace

Looking to learn how to repair your clothes? Using one of the Library’s handicraft programs at Burnhamthorpe LibraryCourtneypark LibraryMeadowvale Library and Woodlands Library, you can learn how to sew by hand or with a sewing machine to avoid purchasing new products.


All Mississauga residents interested in learning more about repurposing, upcycling and waste reduction.


Events take place throughout October.


All events are in-person at various locations in Mississauga.

Register to be a Repair Hub volunteer

Have experience in repairing bikes, household items, appliances, jewellery, electronics or clothing?

The City is looking for volunteers to help repair broken items as a way to extend the life of products. Learn more about this opportunity to give back to the community and bring awareness to waste reduction and the circular economy. Apply now.

Other ways to reduce waste at home

Extend the life of items like clothing, appliances and electronics by repairing them when possible.

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds and napkins can all be composted. Place these items in your Peel Region green bin for curbside collection or in your backyard composter.
  • Remember to bring your reusable bags for shopping and reusable bottles and mugs for drinks.
  • Consider borrowing or renting less frequently used items like tools, party supplies and board games. In addition to borrowing books, the City’s libraries offer movies, video games and sewing machines
  • Prioritize reusing, recycling or donating furniture, household items, office supplies and other materials to reduce carbon emissions and save expenses.

Learn more about how Mississauga is leading climate change efforts and other environmental sustainability initiatives through the Climate Change Action Plan.

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